vineri, 30 martie 2012

Karl Kautsky despre sionism, antisemitism și «puritatea» raselor

Vă rog să citiți acest text selectat de mine, în speranța că vă poate interesa. Cu prietenie, Dan Culcer

Karl Kautsky

Are the Jews a Race?


Written: 1914.
Jonathan Cape. Printed in the United States in 1926, never gives the identity of the translator.
Ted Crawford for, October, 2002.

Publishers Note

Are the Jews a Race? now appears for the first time in English. The first German edition appeared in 1914, under the title Rasse and Judentum; the second edition, in 1921, already included a number of important additions and improvements, particularly the new chapter entitled Zionism After the War; for the present English version, the author has revised and brought up to date the second German edition, in the light of recent developments in Palestine.

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