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The Israel Lobby in Russian politics or In Search of Lost Khazaria de Iurie Roșca (Youry Roshka)

The Israel Lobby in Russian politics or In Search of Lost Khazaria

The recent statement by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov (, made on December 28, aroused the most vivid reactions in the international press, but at the same time it surprised and even confused several observers of international topicality. This experienced statesman could not improvise on such an explosive subject as Israel's total war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Clearly, every sentence in this official statement has been prepared in advance with the utmost thoroughness. It cannot be the result of a spur-of-the-moment improvisation of this Russian dignitary.

Sergey Lavrov

I will confront the English version exhibited on the RT website with the original in Russian, pubicated by the state-run RIA Novosti agency ( Additionnaly I will make some assessments on the very nature of political power in Moscow. This is because usually the official Kremlin (Collective power) is either demonized by Western officials and mainstream media, or divinized by the alternative, antiglobalist press. I, however, propose another perspective that does not share any of the two dominant narratives.

Let's move on to the thorough analysis of the key theses of this seemingly strange statement, made by the infatigable, irremovable and monumental head of Russian diplomacy.

The title of this bomb news is as eloquent as possible: ”Israel pursuing similar goals to Russia – Lavrov”. Really? If so, we have to ask how long is working this similarity or goals between Russia and Israel? From ”the moment Gorbachev”? From ”era Yeltsin”? From ”the age Putin”? Or maybe since 1917?  We have to keep in mind one significant coincidence: The Balfour Declaration and the Bolshevik coup happened in the same fateful year 1917.

These kinds of questions are not easy at all and deserve a much more in-depth study. The subtitle of this statement quoted by RT is also surprising: ”The fight against Nazism is what historically unites Russia and the Middle Eastern country, the foreign minister said”. In fact, if we take into account the official chronology, WWII ended in 1945, and the State of Israel appeared only in 1948. Although the symbolic charge of this figure of speech is quite remarkable. The version of subtitle in RIA Novosti is interesting too: ”Lavrov: the goals of the operation in Gaza are similar to demilitarization and denazification

This statement continues as follows: ”Israel's declared goals of its ongoing operation against Hamas militants in Gaza seem nearly identical to Moscow's in its campaign against the Ukrainian government, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said in an interview with RIA Novosti on Thursday”. To declare that the genocide and crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli authorities in Gaza are ”nearly identical” to those of the Russian SMO in Ukraine actually means recognizing that Russia commit the same kind of crimes of huge gravity against Ukrainians: mass killings of the civilian population in order to ”cleaning of the territory in question by the domestic population”. That is, it is about the total discredit of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Basically in this way Lavrov offered Russia's strategic opponents a formidable asset that plays at the expense of this country. And this happends precisely at the time when millions of people around the world are taking part in mass protests against the criminal atrocities committed by the Zionist regime of Netanyahu against the Palestinians. Beying under the pressure of public opinion, even American leaders, Europeans and even globalist Pope Francis are forced to call on the Israeli government to end the violence. But in Russia such street demonstrations in support of the Palestinians did not take place, because in this country, the freedom of meetings is valid only when the authorities organize a political show to make their own image.

A possible interpretation of Lavrov's claims that the goals of the Zionist Netanyahu government in the Gaza Strip and those of the Russian government in Ukraine are similar or even identical could be the following. Israel expands its territory by killing the Palestinian population, just as Russia expands its territory through the SMO in Ukraine, which causes hundreds of thousands of deaths (including peaceful population!) and about 15 million refugees. The only substantial difference is that Israel is expanding its territory for its own interest, and Russia is apparently waging war in Ukraine to free up territory for the purpose of creating the so-called Israel 2.0. See in this regard the multitude of videos with Ihor Berkut this strategy ( or Zelensky's statement directly declaring that the country he leads will become a new Israel (

By the way, in order to understand the nature of power in Russia and to decipher who dominates it, it is enough to recapitulate the propaganda clichés that are used in Moscow's official discourse to characterize the regime in Kiev. These are the following: "Nazi regime", "fascist regime", "Banderovist regime", "nationalist regime" or ”ukro-junta”. Here is the litmus paper that brings to light the way in which the identity profile of the leadership of Ukraine is distorted. Its correct name is "Zionist regime from Kiev”, moreover, for the second time. After the 2014 coup supported by the USA (a country subjugated by the Zionist networks!) the gang of "sons of Zion" led by Petro Poroshenko was brought to power, who was succeeded by the team of the same Khazarian mafia headed by finds the sinister clown Zelensky, all key positions in the state are under the control of this anti-Ukrainian, anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox group.

Lavrov's statement comes precisely when the Netanyahu regime is in a maximum crisis of image, both in the world and in front of its own citizens. In addition, such statements are flaming the entire Muslim world, they generate mistrust in the respective countries towards the authorities of Moscow. Kremlin team must choose at some point, either with Iran or with Israel. Putin will have to find it increasingly difficult to wink with one eye at Israel and the other at Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the end goal of the IDF is the complete destruction of the Hamas movement in all its forms, as well as the elimination of all extremism in Gaza.

Lavrov, however, noted that these goals seem similar to “demilitarization” and “denazification,” which Moscow has been pursuing in Ukraine since it launched its offensive in February 2022”. (RT)

 So, once again, state terrorism, the total destruction of localities and peaceful population committed by war criminals at the head of the Israeli government equals Russian military intervention in Ukraine. Following the logic of Lavrov's assertions, would it appear that the International Criminal Court has rightly issued an arrest warrant for Putin and that we should expect an arrest warrant from the same court for Netanyahu? Sounds absurd, doesn't it? We knew that Russia intervened in Ukraine being in self-defense in the face of the NATO offensive and state terrorism practiced against the civilian population of Donbass by the regime in Kiev. Lavrov's statements, however, sparked the entire argumentative scaffolding of the Moscow authorities, assimilating Israel's criminal, expansionist and genocidal policy against Palestine with Russia's policy towards Ukraine.

We cannot refrain from quoting the next fragment of the political thought of the Russian diplomacy head through which he brings praise to the most monstrous political figure in the world:

The diplomat noted the hypocrisy demonstrated by Israel’s former government under Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who condemned Russia’s military operation and accused Moscow of attacking the civilian population and annexing parts of Ukraine. “This was unfair,” said Lavrov.

At the same time, the minister pointed out that the current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – who entered his sixth term in December 2022 – has not allowed himself to make any statements regarding Russia, despite international criticism and finding himself in “a difficult situation.”

After such declarations of love and maximum appreciation to the tyrant at the head of the government of Israel, whom he detests his own population, made by a Moscow official, the Kremlin would only have to undertake another gesture of admiration and solidarity with Israel's ”right cause”, taking the example of Western countries. Namely,  to project the Israeli flag on the buildings of the main state institutions and to keep them so until ”final victory” of Israel in Gaza.

I present to you another brilliant quote from the thought of the same statesman Lavrov:

“Therefore, we need to be very careful about our common history with Israel and, above all, the history of the fight against Nazism. This is the main thing that unites us historically,” Lavrov said.

Such propaganda clichés represent the mandatory elements of presentation as the absolute historical evil Nazism, but to avoid altogether the mention of Zionism which is an ideology no less criminal and therefore reprehensible than Nazism.

Therefore, in a normal country after such aberrant statements or perhaps treacherous to national interests an official of the rank of Lavrov should resign. But in Russia, this is unimaginable. For at least two reasons. First of all, because in this authoritarian country the exercise of freedom of expression by criticizing the authorities can have very serious consequences. Dissidents are of several kinds: dead, imprisoned, silenced or escaped abroad.

Putin's Godfathers

But the cause that explains Lavrov's apparently aberrant statement is not the stupidity of this dignitary. It is hidden in the very origin and nature of the current regime in Moscow. Let us not forget that Putin himself is the direct product of a powerful Israeli/Zionist lobby. Among Putin's political godparents are Henry Kissinger (who he has always venerated as his master), the Jewish oligarch Boris Berezovsky (, former deputy prime minister and economic hitman no. 1 of Russia Anatoly Chubais (who had always been in important state positions until he left Putin's climate change advisor in Israel, ) and Sergey  Kiriyenko (with his real name of Israitel), ex-PM in 1998 who destroyed the Russian economy causing the country's financial crash. Namely he promoted Putin as a head of the FSB and was nicknamed for it the man who made Putin. See: By the way, this Sergey Kiriyenko held important leadership positions for over 20 years under the mandate of Putin, among which the leader of the state mega-coropration ”Rosatom”. Currently this individual is the deputy head of the Presentational Administration and responsible for internal policy, including ”the liberated territories” of Ukraine (

                                   Kider surpise of Russian politics

It is extremely important to know the family lineage of this Sergey Kiriyenko-Israitel. His grandfather Yakov Israitel was one of the Bolshevik commissars personally decorated by Lenin with a pistol for special merits during the "red terror". His father's name was Vladilen, which comes from the name Vladimir Lenin.

Another dark side of Sergey "Kiriyenko" is his affiliation with the American fundamentalist sect Scientology. The revelation was made by the German newspaper "Berliner Zeitung". See: and The first site cited above states that “Today, Scientology is recognized as a totalitarian structure that threatens the foundations of statehood in dozens of countries around the world. Rapidly losing ground in the West, the sect undertook a real expansion into Russia in the early 90s, receiving official permission from the authorities to open its branches. Currently, training “Dianetics centers” operate in 50 Russian cities, tens of thousands of people have passed through them - scientists, police officers, military-industrial complex engineers, government officials”. (This information was published at 07.04.1998)

Another dubious organization that trained Sergey Kiriyenko  is one very special school of social engineering called Methodology or methodologists. See: This site shows that „Sergei Kiriyenko is a follower of the Russian philosopher Georgy Shchedrovitsky, founder of the Moscow Methodological Circle. Shchedrovitsky began his work in the late 1950s and continued it throughout the Khrushchev Thaw, Brezhnev's stagnation and Gorbachev's perestroika”. This is what this source reports:

A person seemed to methodologists to be a kind of machine that can and should be programmed for certain functions. This was called “social engineering.

And the same source further states:

They did not hide their desire to influence the decisions of the authorities. The circle was completely open; on the other hand, the special language (the program on which he worked) was understood only by initiates - in some ways, the followers of Georgy Shchedrovitsky resembled a secret society (sometimes direct discussions about the “conceptual elite” appear in their works)”.

It seems that the founder of this organization with progressist and transformist obsessions, Georgy Shchedrovitsky, had the same ethnic origins. See below the source which  specifies: ” Shchedrovitsky (Shchedrovitskaya) is a toponymic surname common among Jews.”


One more descendant of the Bolsheviks leads the presidential administration

One of Kiriyenko's closest collaborators is Anton Vaino. Since 2012, he has held the position of deputy head of the President's administration, and in 2016, Anton Vaino becomes head of the Putin Administration. Not coincidentally, Vaino and Kiriyenko were schooled within the same  sect/lodge of methodologists. As political analyst Evgeny Volkov wrote in 2016, ”Methodologists are totalitarian technocracy.„ In 2016, the opposition press in Russia wrote that the presidential administration was completely seized by the Methodologist sect and this state of affairs is still valid to this day.

Here are some biographical elements of Anton Vaino:

Anton Vaino was born on February 17, 1972 in Tallinn, Estonian SSR, USSR.

Comes from a family of Soviet party and Russian economic leaders. Anton’s great-grandfather, Heinrich (Heinrich) Vaino, one of the leaders of the Tomsk regional party committee, was an active participant in the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in Siberia. In particular, he took part in the suppression of the uprising of the Czechoslovak Corps, as well as in the suppression of the anti-Soviet peasant uprising in the Tomsk province[2]. Heinrich's son, Karl Genrikhovich Vaino (1923-2022) was a leading party figure: in 1978-1988 he served as First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Estonia”. See:Вайно,_Антон_Эдуардович.

So, we see that Anton Vaino just like his comrade Kirienko comes from a Bolshevik family that established communism by imposing a totalitarian, xenocratic and anti-Russian regime.

By the way, among the key people in Putin's entourage known to be part of the same sect/lodge of methodologists is Vladislav Surkov, who until 2020 worked as an adviser to the Russian president. Russia's failures in Donbass after 2014 and other delicate issues related to this region are also related to him. He is among the most hated figures by Russian patriots. They blame him for the betrayal of the "Russian Spring" and the abandonment of Donbas, which, unlike Crimea, was refused to join Russia in 2014. And the one who took over Surkov's responsibilities, becoming responsible for the "liberated territories" of Ukraine, is none other than the old "kinder suprise" of Russian politics Kirienko. By the way, several sources from the alternative media claim that Surkov also comes from the same "chosen people", being one of the emblematic figures of the invisible and all-powerful Khazar Khaganate in Russia. According to a well-informed website, “He’s a Chechen on his father’s side, a Jew on his mother’s side. Or vice versa. It’s not known for sure.” ( 

To draw a conclusion on the identity profile of Putin's entourage, I will quote a well-known philosopher and ideologue from Moscow who told me in August 2018 with reference to this topic the following: "There are only liberals and Jews around Putin. Well, in fact, you know it's the same thing." I do not mention his name here, because this intellectual preferred to migrate to the loyalist camp and become one of the propagandists of Putin's regime. It is these "neoconservatives" à la russe who control the decision-making process in Russia and the official discourse of this country.

                       ”Putin's wallet” as a basic political player 


Another key figure in the power system in Moscow is the Jewish oligarch settled in London Roman Abramovich (, nicknamed ”Putin's wallet”. He always commutes between London and Moscow, having regular secret meetings with President Putin. Everyone is wondering, for example, what this guy was looking for at ALL the negotiations in recent years between Russia and Ukraine, in Belarus and in Turkey. The Russians wonder, which of the two sides did he represent, the Russians or Ukrainians? The answer is: most likely he represented the third party, the Rothschild clan, City of London. This part is always over any conflict. As a rule, it generates them and profits from them.

”Putin's rabbi”, another major political gamer

Putin and the rabbi Berel Lazar

Another important gamer in Russian politics today is Berel Lazar (his full name is Shlomo Dov Pinchas Lazar). This rabbi was parachuted into Russia directly from the headquarters of fundamentalist sect in New York Chabad-Lubavitch ( directly to Moscow in 1990, becoming an intimate friend of Putin. That is why it is nicknamed ”Putin's rabbi”. ( About the influence of this Putin's spiritual guide circulates a lot of legends, which find their confirmation every time. Wishing to deepen the subject could consult the books, articles and broadcasts of the writer and publicist Edurard Hodos, a former chief rabbi in the Kharkov region (  

           Russia's brainwashing machine and ”A Trinity of Evil”

The influence of Zionist lobbying in Russia is equally exercised over state power and the media, both instruments of domination and control being indispensable. I will quote only three emblematic names for the exercise of Zionist propaganda and control over the dominant narrative ubiquitous on Russian state television. I dubbed them ” A Trinity of Evil”:

·      Vladimir Solovyov (real name - Shapiro),

·      Evgeny Satanovsky ( This surname sounds familiar, doesn't it?)

·      Yaakov Kedmi (, who is former Head of Israeli Intelligence Agency – NATIV, high-ranking military and diplomat. Born in Moscow.

Shaping public opinion, including Russian perception of the war in Ukraine, is largely the work of this very strong team. But they only represent the tip of the iceberg in the public space of Russia, where such characters are overrepresented. It is true, recently Evgeny Satanovsky was formally kicked out of television by Vladimir Soloviev. The cause was that Satanovsky said a few offensive words against Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry. This lady launched some moderate criticism against Israel's military intervention in Gaza when the regime in Moscow was trying to create the illusion of solidarity with the victims of the Zionist geocide. Appearances must be kept, that's the rule of the game.

And about the colossal influence of the same strongly colored ethnic and religious network in the Russian business world should be written a whole book. The same is true in showbiz, as the cultural war against Russians is just as devastating as in other countries of the world.

Decision makers and political puppets       


It is known that true political power is invisible, and we often confuse decision makers with the actors at the forefront of the political scene. Believing that Sergey Lavrov or Vladimir Putin are ruling Russia is as naive as believing that Biden is running the United States, Macron is running France, and Trudeau is running Canada. It seems incredible to many antiglobalist dissidents form the West who are traditionally traped by the official Kremlin propganda. But here we are dealing only with an error of perspective, many political analysts in the alternative media don't apply the same reading grid to Russia that they use to examine Western politics.

Putin and Netanyahu

Unfortunately, the formula often repeated by the famous Russian economist Valentin Katasonov to define the nature of the current Kremlin power. He calls it ”occupation administration”. That is, people who occupy key functions in the state are manipulated by some power centers from abroad and by the networks of influence from within, which we usually call ”the fifth column”. This ”unseen hand” of power is equally felt in the economic policy of the country and in the strange manner in which SMO is carried out in Ukraine.

P.S.: The American professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt published the famous book in 2007 ”The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” I think the time has come to appear a solid academic paper bearing a similar title: ” The Israel Lobby in the politics of Russia”. Such work would be much broader and more complex than this modest article, which is, which, however, could serve as a suggestion for researchers who would lean on such work.

P.P.S.: The author of these lines makes a clear distinction between today's Russian state and the Russian people. He clearly distinguishes the violent conflict that exists between the oppressive state, which disregards national interests, and the oppressed people who suffer the consequences of this regime. My perspective is conservative, Orthodox and nationalist. That is why I cannot ignore the fact that the Kremlin administration is terrorizing its own people through totalitarian measures such as those applied with a sanitary pretext (Covid-19) or by building a digital GULAG under the baton globalists (UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development). The Moscow administration keeps up with the ”civilized world” including by imposing insects as a food for humans. See:;

 And then what's the difference between ”Collective West” and Russia. The only substantial distinction is official rhetoric. But the same occult circles lead the show in both areas of globalist control.  

Youry Roshka 


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