duminică, 1 noiembrie 2015

TENT CITY (not for the migrants!)

Vă rog să citiți acest text selectat de mine, în speranța că vă poate interesa. Cu prietenie, Dan Culcer

one of the Syrian refugees would think about going in the direction of the Arabian peninsula, even though, it would be much closer, because they would not be welcome, would not be admitted, regardless of their religious believes, Muslims, Sunni, whatever....

Yet, look at this facility.... - Un-bloody believable!!!!

This is the tent city in Mina for all the pilgrims to Mecca in Saudi Arabia (approx 8 km from Mecca and only 2,000 km from Syria – just a little more than the distance from Brisbane to Melbourne)

The tents are made of fire-resistant materials and all have A/C.

Every tent has speakers, thermostats and fire alarm.

A total of 3 million people can be accommodated. The tents are vacant for all but 5 days every year.
Would it not be the perfect city for all the Muslims fleeing their countries? And much closer?

Can you guess how many Muslim "refugees" Saudi Arabia has accepted from Syria? That's right, the same number as have been given refuge by Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE,.......NIL, ZERO, NONE!!!!

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